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Kerrville may not be in the center of the Hill Country, but it arguably is the heart of the Texas Hill Country. And if you are looking for land for sale in and around Kerrville you have come to the right place, but first let’s learn a little about Kerr County. The area is a recreational mecca with lots to do for hunters, fishermen, campers, sightseers, art patrons, history buffs and others, who love the Hill Country.

As you journey through Kerr County, you will increasingly see native and non-native (exotic) game animals.
Exotic, non-native, game animals began to be introduced to the area over sixty years ago. Due to the efforts of Hill Country game ranchers and their interests in wildlife management, there are now vast herds of species that are now endangered and in some cases, extinct in their country of origin. Many of those animals are still free-ranging in Kerr County. It is estimated that there are more than 100,000 exotic game animals in the Hill Country of Texas comrpised of 45 different species.

Kerrville is truly a Hill Country paradise. The accommodations are first-rate, the scenery is majestic, the ranches are vast, and the people are friendly. Great ranches can be found where sparkling spring fed creeks meander through the rugged terrain and the rolling hills of the Guadalupe River Valley. If you are searching for truly unique property to buy in or around Kerrville, it is not hard to find.

The Guadalupe River along with the area’s mild climate provides the opportunity to enjoy many outdoor pursuits. Every season in Kerrville offers an array of activities. With an event-filled calendar and their relaxing Hill Country setting, you will see how easy it is to lose your heart to the hills. If you are still interested in land for sale in Kerrville, Texas, check out our listings, holler if you have any questions, and have a good day!


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