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If you are looking for a ranch or land for sale in Mason, you are looking at the heart of the Texas Hill Country and the Edward’s Plateau. Residents of Mason County truly believe that they are fortunate enough to live in one of the most unique and beautiful places you’ll ever find, and they want to share it with you. Mason is about relaxation, ranching, and white-tailed deer hunting. The city comes alive during deer season as hunters come from all parts of Texas in search of whitetail hunting.

Mason is a community with lots of history. The areas was settled from the south by German immigrants and from the north and east by English, Irish and Americans. From the west, the Mexicans. The cultural influences of all these groups are still visible today. Why did the come here? For the beautiful habitat, the abundance of springs, and the beautiful Llano River.

Ranching and farming was the lifeblood of the community in the early days, and for many, it still remains vital. Ranching and farming are the primary industries, but now deer hunting and wine grape production have joined the landscape of cattle, peanuts, watermelons, sheep and goats. There are ranches operating throughout the county providing countless products for American consumers. The increase in recreational properties for retirement, hunting, or just kicking back on the front porch over a weekend have spurred land prices to rise dramatically in recent years. As desirable as Mason County has become, there are still a good amount of real estate and Texas land for sale in this area.

Mason really is the gem of the Texas Hill Country. It is here where blue topaz can be found. Mson has beautiful old buildings and a charming town square that now plays host to tourists who have made Mason a destination. People still wave when they make eye contact. If you are looking for land for sale in Mason, you have come here for all the right reasons.


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