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East Texas

Land sales-transactions in East Texas have heavy timber influence. This is not changing anytime soon. Paper companies in Texas and Louisiana have been showing signs of longer-term commitments with larger land purchases, but the amount of purchase increased slightly in recent years.

  • Average price per acre for Region Four was $6,968 in 2013. Adjusted for inflation, this equates to $1,258* per acre.
  • Region Four had the third-highest price per acre in the state in 2013.
  • The popularity of Region Four stems from its diverse landscapes. There was stable demand for crop land and pasture tracts, and timber land tracts were bought up and resold asĀ usual.
  • However, the heaviest motivators for purchasing land in 2013 were rural residency and recreation. These smaller purchases resulted in almost four times as many land sales in prior years.


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