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South Texas

Recreational demand accounted for most of the activity with regards to land sales in South Texas. Ranches around the Eagle Ford Shale area flourished as they have great amenities for recreation and are within moderate driving distance to South Texas cities. Many buyers sold high-priced farmland and looked to invest in lower priced acreage. Institutional investors have shown significant interest in farmland, due to the positive investment returns provided by croplands with income, possible appreciation and potential tax benefits.

  • Small land sales in Region Six had 437 sales in 2013.
  • The median tract size in Region Six was 20 acres.
  • The volume of small land sales for Region Six in 2013 comprised 10.43 percent of all small land sales statewide.
  • Average price per acre for Region Six was $7,159 in 2013.
  • Adjusted for inflation, this equates to $1,293* per acre.
  • Region Six had the second-highest price per acre in the state in 2013.


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