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West Texas

Topographically, the land in the Trans-Pecos Region of West Texas sees heavy irrigation use where cultivated with mountainous expanses, broad valleys and flood plains. A common and limiting factor in small land sales in Region Two is the drought. Purchases in Region Two are primarily driven by investor operations in irrigation and cash crops.

  • Small land sales in Region Two had 21 sales in 2013.
  • The median tract size in Region Two was 55 acres.
  • The volume of small land sales for Region Two in 2013
    comprised .5 percent of all small land sales statewide.
  • Average price per acre for Region Two was $3,100 acre in 2013. Adjusted for inflation, this equates to $560* per acre.
  • Region Two had the third-lowest price per acre in the state in 2013.


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